We do not normally arrange travel in advance, but for the Pamir Highway we made an exception. Traveling this route, from Osh in Kyrgyzstan to Khorog, or further to Dushanbe, in Tajikistan, is according to the various travel fora, not necessarily difficult to do with public transport, busses or just the back of a truck, but you need lots of time and patience, because bus schedules are not necessarily reliable, if they exist at all, and public transport may well not go for a couple of days, until sufficient passengers have been assembled. This also puts a limitation on flexibility, not being able to divert from the main route, or only at the expense of several days delay. Which made us rent a car and driver for the last two weeks of our Central Asia trip.

We opted for Pamir Central Asia, also called Pamir Highway Adventure, a company I found on the internet through an NGO called META (Murghab Ecotourism Association, an organization that has worked with local entrepreneurs to develop a basic community-based tourism infrastructure, mostly through homestays). PCA is the commercial spin-off of META, and is run by META founder and former director Ubaidulla Mamadiev.

I have had only positive experiences with Ubaidulla, who not only responded promptly to all my mails, all my many questions, and all my many last minute requests for changes in the itinerary, but also proved extremely flexible in lots of other areas. He organized a fabulous trip, with top-notch equipment, and a very pleasant, friendly, helpful driver, who also proved very competent, resourceful and responsible. Nothing but good feedback, highly recommended.



website http://pamirhighwayadventure.com/

contact Ubaidulla on ubaidullam4@mail.ru, or ubaidulla46@mail.ru, or call him or one of his sons, who all speak excellent English,  in Tajikistan: +992 900677554, or in Kyrgyzstan: +996550039680


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