a couple of small balconies in Budapest, one of them used for laundry

A few more pictures, of balconies, this time.

I know there are already far too many pictures of buildings in this blog, but both me and my travel companion are fascinated by the architecture in Budapest. And guess what, one specific theme that we have enjoyed already for years – balconies – is a specifically thankful one in Budapest, with its enormous varieties in style. So against my better judgement – enough is enough -, I have selected yet another series of photos, this time of balconies only.

another balcony

metal balcony with Art Nouveau facade behind

another very simple balcony, with decorated facade – and a satelite dish

sunflower balcony on Art Nouveau Bedo House

small corner balcony

the decorations and sculptures dominate this balcony

the balcony fences are often equally beautiful

another balcony dominated by its sculptures

and this one, with two cherubs looking on

Art Deco balcony fences on he Apartment Building of the National Alcohol Trading Company

balcony mostly in use to hold the airco

another tiny balcony, more flowers than anything else

more round corner balconies, for rent

and this one is really small, more decorative than functional, I think

also modern balconies

balconies are a bit of a thing, here, in this street

a rare view on top of the balconies (from high up in the cathedral)

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