not every gable in Podbiel is original

Podbiel is a small town in the Orava region of Slovakia, near the Polish border. The town distinguishes itself with its large collection of wooden houses, which – unlike in many other villages – are quite well integrated into the rest of town. Clearly, people are living in these houses, and they are not just there to please the tourist – even though, apparently, some of the houses have been turned into tourist accommodation. Nevertheless, it is an impressive collection!

Oh, and there are more in the open-air museum in Zuberec.

a row of wooden houses, right on the main road to Poland

some houses have been patched up and decorated

like these, quite possibly tourist accomodation

this is the door of a normal house

and its window, perhaps

this is an original facade and gable

and not all the houes have a wooden roof with shingles anymore, sometimes corrugated iron will do – which makes the whole thing a lot more normal, too

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