one of the period buildings along the Danube embankment of Budapest

There is so much more architectually beautiful to see in Budapest: more photos (I am sorry, just fascinating).

Not only the Gresham Palace, also shown in the second Budapest entry of this blog, is a great example of Budapest Art Nouveau. The Modern & Breitner Building, on Deak Ferenc square, was built in 1911, too early for Art Deco, although on websites frequently linked to this style. Yet, there are plenty of elements that remind me of the Cubism we saw in the Czech Republic last year, and which is often seen as a precursor for Art Deco. Definitely Art Nouveau – I think – is the building on Vorosmarty Square called Kasselik-haz (Kasselik House), also from 1911. It was built for unemployed and for orphans of civil servants. Imagine something like that today.

further decorations on the Grisham Palace

the entrance of the Art Nouveau Grisham Palace

and this niche, same building, above the entrance

Modern & Breitner Building, in Budapest

also with a round corner tower

this type of statues is Art Nouveau here, but has also been linked with Art Deco buildings

and this is Kasselik-haz (Kasselik House),

another monumental building from 1911, and similar statues distributed across the facade

vertical stip of glass and metal

and a close-up of some of the statues

these brick buildings along Karoly Boulevard are also Art Deco

this is Biro-Berhaz, another building for tenants, at the time of construction – not sure what it is now

full of unneccesary and playful decorations

decorations at the underside of the round corner tower

balcony patched up, a bit

and another facade, same building, also very busily decorated

The brick apartments along Karoly Boulevard, one of the main thoroughfares through Budapest, are Art Deco, although perhaps less spectacular that some of the individual buildings. There is this red building, with a half-round tower at the corner, which is of more interest, because of its tiny decorations under the half-tower, and the various window decorations. The arch under a building complex at Madach Square, at the entrance of the Jewish quarter, is a great example of Art Deco, and so are the buildings in the street behind, with their rounded, but geometrical balconies.

the Art Deco arch at Madach Square

with characteristic round forms in the buildings behind

for instance this apartment building, with its balconies

the entrance of Paris Udvar

the facade anove the entrance

and the frieze at the top, of a happy family

refurbishment started in 1909 (and was completed 1913)

I also have a few more pictures of the Parizi Udvar (see also Budapest 2), that I want to include.

the houses along the embankment of the Danube, and some of the river cruise boats in front

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