frieze and sculpture on the Ethnographic Museum in Budapest, another great example of eclectic architecture in the city

Just another opportunity to dump some more photos of eclectic buildings in Budapest

This style is represented by the enormous Parliament Building, along the Danube, but visible from far, and from across the river, too. From both this building and from the Ankor Palace, on Deak Ferenc square, there are more photos in the main Budapest entry. Other examples are the Ministry of Interior Affairs on Roosevelt Square, initially built as a bank, in 1905, and the  Ethnographic Museum, opposite the Parliament on Kossuth Square, this one built in 1896. Unfortunately, even the latter is closed to the public, in this case not just today, to us, but already for some four years.

the Ethnographic Museum

probably the largest building in Budapest, the Parliament

another view of the Parliament building

with its characteristic cupola of 96 meters high, a reference to the arrival of the Magyars in present-day Hungary in 896

front view of the Parliament building

the facade of the Anker Palota (Palace)

at the back, the Anker Palace needs some more patching up

the Ministry of Interior Affairs

with a fabulous corner cupola and friezes

and an equally impressive central part of the facade

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