terrace of Kahn-e Zinat-ol-Molk

Khan-e Zinat ol-Molk is another Qajar-era Shiraz home, full of mirrors and stained glass.

the stuccoed portico of Khan-e Zinat ol-Molk

Zinat ol-Molk is the private part of the large mansion that the wealthy Qavam family built in Shiraz, the public reception area being the Naranjestan-e Qavam. I presume it was built at the same time, end 19th Century, also for Mohammed Ali Khan Qavam ol-Molk. Zinat was his daughter (or granddaughter?).

Zinat ol-Molk is much smaller than the the Naranjestan-e Qavam, but similarly set up, with a mirrored portico supported by wooden columns, and richly decorated inside. The usual stucco and paintings, as well as carpet-like tiled floors, adorn the rooms, of which there are 20 (according to the description – they are not all open, I think).

stucco wall and wooden ceiling

detail of painted wooden ceiling

wooden ceiling

the pool and the garden mirrored in the portico

colourful stained-glass window

and the effect it has on the whole room

the smaller of two porticos

detail of the decorated portico wall

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