peacefull Khan Madrasse

The Madraseh-ye Khan is a Safavid-era religious school, seemingly the perfectly peaceful surrounding for teaching

part of the Khan Madreseh

The madrasse here was founded already in 1615, not by Karim Khan, who built so much else in Shiraz, but by an Iman called Gholi Khan. This makes it a Safavid building. Several earthquakes have destroyed most of the  original building, and only the entrance is authentic, the rest has been re-built.

Still, it is a pleasant enough place to visit, very peaceful courtyard, impressive iwan and nice tiling. Apparently, there are more than 70 rooms distributed across the two floors of the school, which is still actively in use.


tiled mosaics in the entrance

and more tiles, I think mostly original

colourful ceiling

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