inside the Masjed-e Vakil

The large Masjed-e Vakil, next to the bazaar of the same name in Shiraz, is an impressive Zand dynasty structure.

The large Masjed-e Vakil, the Vakil Mosque, is another of those majestic Zand dynasty buildings in Shiraz, begun under the auspice of Karim Khan, and finished in the year of his death, 1779. However, much of the tile decoration of flower designs is from the Qajar era, some 100 years later.

The mosque is unusual in that it has only two iwans around its central courtyard, to the north and the south, and not four, as was the standard at the time. A large rectangular pool aligns the two iwans. Inside the South Iwan is the entrance to the shabestan – prayer hall -, with a large vaulted brick ceiling, supported by no less than 48 stone pillars, all carved in spirals.

Next to the mosque is the Vakil bazaar; needless to say that the mosque provides an oasis of peace next to the busy bazaar.

Mashed-e Vakil, one of the iwans

the roof of the iwan

the vaulted prayer hall

the other iwan, opposite

colourful mosaic, also outside

floral motifs in the tiles

and more flowers in tiles

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