detail of the geoglyphs at Tiliviche

One of the most beautiful geoglyph panels can be found in the valley of the Tiliviche river

the valley of the Tiliviche river

Just north of the turn to Pisagua the road, the motorway, drops steeply into the valley of the Tiliviche River, and climbs out on the other side, from where we understood, we could see the geoglyphs of Tiliviche. Well, maybe, but you don’t really want to stop here. Instead, we have set our GPS towards the ‘official’ viewpoint, somewhere off the road. We find an old, rusted sign, where we – ignoring the GPS – turn off the road, and follow an unsurfaced track, which leads to more tracks – here the GPS picks up again – and ultimately to a place high about the river valley; we stop when the GPS tells us “destination reached”, get out of the car, and lo and behold, there they are, the geoglyphs on the opposite side. A very impressive panel with a man and a herd of lamas, all moving towards the coast. This, perhaps, could indeed have been a directional sign. From the days before GPS.

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the full panel of geoglyphs, a man and a herd of lamas

in a bit more detail

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